Full Moon Sponsored by Industry Nine Demo Day and Night Ride


June's Full Moon ride is tied in to a very special Industry Nine and Seven Cycles visit!

This event is all you want it to be: an opportunity to demo ride Industry Nine's latest and greatest gravel wheels, their road disc wheels, mountain bike wheels, meet Industry Nine and get to know them as a company! There are countless wheelsets here for demo and to see how brilliant their color options are, also.

Joining for the event is Seven Cycles who is bringing six very special Sevens it's highly unlikely you've seen in images or in person before. Between the wheels and the bikes, there is a lot of new technology employed that has elevated the riding experience off-road very significantly! All of the bikes Seven is bringing are demo rideable as well.

Why Come Out?

You can't know what you're missing out on if you haven't had a chance to feel the ride qualities of Industry Nine wheels and Seven Cycles bikes. This is a perfect opportunity to ask the questions you have, understand from each company why their products ride and perform so well.

Cool Incentives to buy a new set of wheels and a bike

There are some sweet offerings surrounding this event aside from the great opportunity to have a fun afternoon and evening with your riding friends!

If you purchase an Industry Nine wheelset, Ride Headquarters will install a free set of custom-designed reflective black decals on your rims! You'll light up at night and look cool during the day. Deadline to order to receive the decals: July 9.

If you purchase a Seven Cycles bike and Industry Nine wheelset together, you'll receive a free color upgrade from all black to Level 3! You'll also receive a free set of custom Seven Cycles decals to match the color of your wheels. You'll also receive free custom reflective black rim decals for your new wheels. This is a $525 value. Deadline to order to receive this very special package: July 26.

Full Moon Ride

Details of the Full Moon ride are on the Ride Page. The only difference between the other Full Moon rides and this one is that we're expecting the route to last closer to 2 hours and we'll  have a bigger party post-ride than usual! The bike requirements are the same and we ask that all riders sign the waiver prior to the ride if you haven't yet signed one at Ride Headquarters this year. Do it now so it's done!

Event Schedule

Thursday, June 28


The event starts at 3pm at Ride Headquarters in Sherborn, MA. Feel free to come by early to talk with Freddie from Industry Nine, Dustin Easter from Seven Cycles, and demo ride wheels and/or bikes in the daylight. We highly recommend RSVP'ing in advance so you can be assured of the wheels and bikes of your preference since we expect all of the demo equipment to be spoken for.


Get ready for the Full Moon ride! All riders should arrive early so as to be able to get your bike ready for the ride, air in the tires, water in your water bottles.

7:00pm - 7:10pm

We're offering 4 Full Moon riding groups. The fast group leaves at 7pm after a safety and ride talk, each one leaves 2-3 minutes later. We're splitting up riders based on their speed and trail riding experience. The last group will be for those who have experience road riding but limited or no experience trail riding. Be sure to RSVP in the form, below.

The faster group will have a longer route while the funnest group will have a shorter route allowing all to reconvene back at Ride Headquarters no later than 9pm.

9:00pm - 10:30pm

All return from the ride and enjoy a fire, s'mores, and tasty beverages supplied by Industry Nine. If you don't want to do the ride or can't be there, feel free to come out for this fun portion of the evening!

Friday, June 29

10:00am - 7:30pm

Demo ride the special Seven Cycles bikes that came here for the event - they'll still be here! Please be sure to reserve your demo ride(s) in advance. If you'd like to try more than one bike, feel free to let us know that.

Industry Nine is headed to NEMBAfest for the weekend, so the demo wheels they brought will be there. However, we have 6 sets of Ride Headquarters-owned Industry Nine demo wheels still here and available for you to ride!

If this day doesn't work for you to demo, just let us know and we can arrange your demo for another time. Email connect@rideheadquarters.com.

Please RSVP to all or some of this awesome event!