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Saturday Espresso Ride

Ride News 6/29/19: Today we offer a 14-15mph ride group! Scroll to the bottom to see all of the dates this group pace is offered.

Description: The Saturday Espresso ride starts promptly at 9am. Come 15 to 20 minutes before departure time so you can make any last minute adjustments, grab fresh water, a Cafe drink, or use the facilities. This ride is for people who are comfortable and proficient riding properly equipped road bikes and who are interested in riding with a group. 

There are typically groups of two speed offerings: 17.5mph average and 16.5mph average.

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28742468

Ride Notes: There are usually 2-4 groups of various speeds. First group to roll out at 9am is 17.5mph average. The second group rolls out 2-3 minutes later and is a 16.5mph average. On weeks when we have more than 20 riders, we create more groups to accommodate the larger numbers.

For Saturday, June 22, we are offering a 14-15mph group option. Interest appears strong for this group, we offer it on weeks when we know we have a leader. Watch for updates!

Last Minute Information: Watch our Twitter feed for last-minute updates, weather cancellations or other changes. 

Estimated time: About 2.6 hours for a typical 40-mile ride, more for longer rides.

Contact Information: Email - connect@ridestudiocafe.com, Phone - 339-970-0187

Riding Rules, What to Bring, How Our Rides are Different: All riders are required to read and are expected to abide by These Rules. 

Waiver: RSC requires a signed waiver before your first ride. Please fill it out online prior to your first ride. 

Proper Bike for this ride:  23-28c road slick tires, clipless pedals, drop handlebars,  no aero bars

Dates the 14-15mph Group is Offered - we add dates as we have ride leaders, email connect@ridestudiocafe.com to offer to help:

  • Done - June 22 - Mike C

  • Next - June 29 - Pat S

  • July 13 - Pat S

  • Aug 10 - Pat S

  • Sept 14 - Pat S

Saturday Horizon Chasers 2017

Wintertide Ride