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All Conditions Ride 2018

All Conditions 2018

  • Location: Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington, MA
  • Ride Type:  Mixed Terrain
  • Date & Time: Saturday, 17 February 2018 - Departures begin at 9:30am AND NOW SUNDAY, too
  • Distance: It depends!
    • If the temperature is above freezing, we have 3 route options with the shortest being 2.5 hours in length to the longest being around 6 hours
    • If the temperature is below freezing, we have 3 route options with the shortest being 90 minutes in length to the longest being around 3 hours
  •  Price:  Free, RSVP required

This ride includes the best of winter no matter the weather. This is the third year for All Conditions. We have no idea what to expect from the weather and conditions, which means it's worth being ready for anything!

  • Riding mixed terrain
  • Riding in unpredictable conditions
  • Riding urban and exurban trails and back roads and aalleys
Riding all weather

Of course we won't know the weather and trail conditions until a few days prior to the ride. That's part of the fun of winter riding.

You get to look forward to a very unique ride and special time riding bikes with others who are into a winter adventure. The route is warm-cafe friendly. If you dress appropriately, there shouldn't be any suffering with the cold, but only fun times and a very different perspective on winter by the end of the day.

  • Urban-ish routes.  We're staying near civilization so we're never too far from a cafe with warm drinks available.  So, regardless of the temperature, we won't freeze.  We guarantee a fun route in any weather.
  • VERY Special offers to help you enjoy this ride AND be ready for Spring!
    • Did you know Honey makes a titanium Fat Bike that doubles as a 27.5 plus mountain bike?! This is THE bike for winter and perfect for spring, summer, fall mountain biking. If you order a Honey Converter by January 31, you'll be riding YOUR new bike for this All Conditions ride! 
    • One of the things that makes the Converter special is that all you have to do is swap wheelsets to make it a whole different bike! We're offering 1/2 off the second wheelset to make this bike the OBVIOUS choice for your all-year trail and fat biking fun. This is the light-weight mountain bike of your dreams, and it's a fat bike that you never have to worry about when you're riding in the winter or anytime of year. The Converter is possibly the most fun bike on the market. 
  • Since spring time is around the corner, treat yourself to Cafe du Cycliste apparel! Buy a full kit at retail price: short-sleeve spring jersey, any bib shorts we sell, jacket (think spring showers for may flowers), and base layer. We will gift you a 30-drink punch card (over a $120 value) to remind you that you have more reasons to ride than excuses not to this spring! 

Contest to win a Grand Prize of Wolvhammer Boots!

That's right, we're also holding a contest to give you a chance to win an awesome pair of Winter Cycling Wolvhammer boots or Wolvhammer Red Wing Edition boots and a wool 45NRTH cap. You may participate in this contest by filling in your guess for the amount of snow on the ground at 7:30am the first morning of All Conditions and the high temperature of the day. The earliest-submitted submission who is closest to the amount of snow and high temperature is the Grand Prize winner! You may participate in the RSVP form, at the bottom of this page.

How we're determining the snow and high temperature for the day:

- We're measuring pristine snow from 3 locations at Upper Vine Brook and averaging the three to get the number of millimeters of snow.

- We're using Dark Sky to tell us what the high temperature of the day is.

Ride Details

  • We are setting off groups starting at 9:30am Saturday, February 17. Each group has an RSC Super Domestique leading so you won't get lost.
  • We have *JUST ADDED* a new set of rides for 9:30am Sunday, February 18, since there will be snow on the ground Sunday morning.
  • The routes will be finalized just prior to the ride since the weather dictates where we will ride. 
  • Distance Options: The weather will play a role in the final routes.
  •  Everyone who RSVPs for the ride will receive further details, routes, and exact start times for the various speed groups via email the evening before the ride. RSVPs are REQUIRED to participate and receive all of the ride information. There is no charge for this ride. It will be a day and ride to remember! 

Please RSVP now so you can start getting excited and ready! 

Name *
Cell phone *
Cell phone
Where you're most likely to be reached while riding.
**CONTEST! Guess the Weather to Win a Grand Prize of 45NRTH Boots & Wool Cap!**
Rules of the contest are described earlier on this page. Good luck!

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