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Ideal Bikes for this Ride

Road Bike

Honey MidDurance
A titanium performance road bike that takes tires up to 35mm in width, including winter and studded tires for 4-season road and gravel riding.

Seven Cycles Axiom S Disc
A fast, performance bike in the summer has clearances for the tires of your choosing with the flexiblity of disc brakes.

Email us to take out one of these or any of our bikes on a demo ride - either for this ride or when it is more convenient for you!

  • Location: Ride Headquarters in Sherborn, MA

  • Ride Type: Road paved

  • Time & Date: *Updated! November 2 - 11:00am rollout, then on hiatus during November for the November Frost series!

  • Distance: 35-40 miles

  • Price: Free

Description: This ride allows you to ride nice roads with others. The route is all paved roads and as many back-roads and quiet areas as possible.

The route will change at times, keep an eye open here if you're interested in seeing which route will be ridden for the upcoming weekend. 

Route & Pace

Route: This is a super fun, nicely flowing 37 miles: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30328545

Pace offered: 

  • - 17 mph average pace. Faster on the flats and downhills, steady, but not attacking on hills.

  • If you want to ride a different pace than what our group plans to ride, please let us know that at the beginning of the ride and be sure to have the route loaded on your cycling computer.

Ride Notes: We have a designated Ride Headquarters ride leader(s) leading the ride and pointing out turns for advertised pace(s).

Last Minute Information: Watch our Twitter feed for last-minute updates, weather cancellations or other changes. 

Estimated time: 2.5-3 hours.

Contact Information: Email - connect@rideheadquarters.com, Phone - 508-975-4678

Riding Rules, What to Bring, How Our Rides are Different: All riders are required to read and are expected to abide by These Rules.

Waiver: Ride Headquarters requires a signed waiver before your first ride. Please fill it out online prior to your first ride. 

Proper Bike for this ride:  

  • Road conditions the day of the ride will dictate. 25c-32c slick tires likely appropriate.

  • Clipless pedals and shoes. These are important elements of bike control when riding with a group.

  • A bike that’s in safe working order. We don’t stop for preventable mechanical issues.

  • If it's wet on the road or raining, please put a rear fender on your bike to keep the person behind you happy.

  • Wondering if we're riding? Check out our Twitter feed, shown in the right-hand column on our home page, for the very latest news.

  • Icy conditions: We ride. For this you have to have studded tires in order to ride with us.

    • Cold: It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, we ride.

If you'd like us to do any work on your bike prior to the ride, please email us the day before so we're ready to do the work as soon as you come in; we want you to be ready to roll before the ride starts.

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